Product Development

One of the best uses of 3D Printing is in the product development space where, with a team to help navigate the process, an individual or company can cut months off of the development of a product and save tens of thousands of dollars in costs as well. At Just 3D Print, we have achieved these incredible savings for our clients in a number of industries from the veterinary/medical world to consumer products and marine parts. We can take a product from anywhere in the development process (even a napkin sketch!) through our design, prototyping, Kickstarter/funding assistance, low volume production, and mass manufacturing consulting phases to get your product launched. Furthermore, we now offer discounted services in exchange for a portion of future sales if you are cash-strapped. You can read about some of our clients below and contact us at the bottom of the page if you have a product that could take over the world!







NoBowl Feeding System: From napkin-sketch to $222,861 in

pre-orders within four months


Veterinarian Dr. Liz Bales came to Just 3D Print after a frustrating experience spending twelve months trying to get her cat feeding product from an idea to a marketable mass-manufactured item. If the pace continued as it was, it was going to take two to three years and a million dollars to get the NoBowl Feeding System on the market! Within two months of partnering with J3D, the system had been taken through over 30 iterations and was ready for testing. 200 samples were manufactured and given to volunteer “trialists” to test out. After receiving overwhelming positive feedback, the System went up on Kickstarter (and later Indiegogo) and did $222,861 in pre-orders!

LocoRobo: A professor parlays a noble cause into a multi-million

dollar robotics startup


Pramod Abichandani is a professor who has a passion for children and for the STEM fields. When Pramod was brainstorming to come up with some fun way to teach children how to program, he thought of robots as a possible gateway. Two years later, Pramod had several prototype models and potential investors in his idea lined up.


With the help of Just 3D Print, Pramod was able to finalize his robots and has gone on to raise a significant amount of capital to propel his vision forward of getting children all across America coding at an early age!

Novaprobe: A new, better version of an endoscopy system takes off VIA J3D’s streamlined product development cycle


Manish Ingle came to Just 3D Print with a medical product in development. His new version of an endoscopy camera was on the cutting edge of the medical space and he wanted to develop it with tools on the cutting edge of manufacturing. After a few months of design work, prototyping, and manufacturing, Manish got FDA approval for the NovaProbe, took it to market, and it has taken off!


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